good WORKS

Designed to provide support to community-based organizations that help people become more self-sufficient and that enrich their lives.

Sonya Mackintosh believes in giving back to her community. That's why smARTWORKS, Inc. contributes to the local economy in ways specifically pertaining to animal rights, cultural organizations and health issues that are close to her.

How it Works

Each season a scarf and an organization are selected and paired. 15% of the sales of that scarf will be donated to the organization.

This Season's Selection

This season's selection, available from November - December 2017, will benefit Godspeed Horse's Hay Bank Program.

Godspeed Horse's Hay Bank Program

Godspeed Horse Hostel Inc. is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit horses rescue. In 2015 their Hay Bank program for horses, farm animals and other hooved animals, donated 765 bales of hay, and in 2016, donated 985 bales of hay to other rescues, horse programs that service children or the disabled and responsible horse or farm animal owners who were experiencing a temporary financial hardship. Rather than re-home their animals, send them to auction or take a valuable place in a rescue for a truly unwanted, neglected or abused horse, the hay bank offers short term assistance.

Godspeed Horse Hostel, Inc.
PO Box 146
Amenia, NY 12501

Previous Years

This program is currently limited to retail sales online and a cap of $1000 gifting total per season.