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Sonya Mackintosh Biography (Short Form)

Sonya Mackintosh is the founder and designer of smARTWORKS, Inc. where she has been designing scarves and managing their production and business since 1994. Her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and diverse textile-based professional experiences lead her to success and joy in owning her own scarf production company in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. She can most often be found on the production floor, in her business office, or interacting with customers at fine trade shows. She feels at home as an entrepreneur in the Berkshires as it is reminiscent of her early years as a child in a family of business owners in London, England. Creative, bold, and driven are all qualities that have allowed Sonya Mackintosh to reach the success she has in a relatively short period of time. Fulfilling a lifelong dream to be in business for herself, Mackintosh has created a design company that now competes on an international level. Her work is well regarded and can be found in the finest of galleries, boutiques and craft shows.