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  1. Mission Statement
  2. Design Inspiration and Philosophy
  3. Company History
  4. Sonya Mackintosh Biography (Short Form)
  5. Sonya Mackintosh Biography (Long Form)
  6. Steven Seward Biography
  7. Wholesale Accounts and Customers
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  10. The Production Studio
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Company History

The Beginning

smARTWORKS, Inc. opened for business in 1994 by Sonya Mackintosh with a focus on scarf design and production. Founding her business in the basement of her home and supported by local merchants who reinforced the quality of her work, Sonya traveled to many local craft shows to display her hand-loomed scarves.

A long awaited dream of owning her own company, smARTWORKS, Inc. then occupied an old warehouse building complete with ten knitting machines, computers and storage space for large inventories of yarn and thread. The open workspace was a flurry of activity including continuous production, design and the testing of new products through different color and texture combinations, finally becoming automated in 1996.

The Big Move

In early 2002 smARTWORKS, Inc. moved its headquarters to its current studio - - an even larger location that better integrates the different phases of production. The new space closely links the creative design and production arms of operations. The open workroom allows the creative thinking, design and sampling to reach a new level of productivity.

In the Works

Not only has the company grown with regard to physical space, but the demand for smARTWORKS, Inc. products has also dramatically increased since 2002. This demand is fueled by the innovative and creative designs and the frequent introduction of new products. Product development is a focus at the studio which now supports 9 employees. smARTWORKS, Inc. has been able to accommodate the demand of many wonderful new accounts. (Click here to see them.).